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Stylishome @ Business Talk Radio

Listen to our CEO and Founder Reut Maimon telling the Stylishome story on BusinessTalk Radio

Please give a description of your company and the products/services you offer

Stylishome is an interior design and architecture firm located in Toronto, Canada.
We specialize in designing bold and characterful interiors for residential homes as well as homestays/vacation rentals.
We have over 140 projects under our belt, just over the last 2 years. Our projects vary - can be as small as upgrading the design of an existing room or as big as complex renovation projects for example - gutting an entire building.
Inspired by travel and Ignited by forward-thinking approach, we provide gorgeous designs, transparent process, and flawless execution.
What makes us stand out is the fact that we heavily rely on technology and automation, so we optimize every step of our process which enables us to stay lean and agile and provide our clients the best possible value for their money.

Tell us about your background of your business and yourself

My husband and I were born and raised in Israel, both engineers working in the tech industry for over 10 years.
4 years ago we’ve decided to make a change and immigrate to Canada. One of the first things we did here in Canada was investing in the Real Estate market, as it is such a strong market here in Canada. As investors, we realized there’s a gap/need for a turnkey service for real estate investors who’d like to set up their investment property to be vacation rental, and have no time or skills required to get it done in an optimized manner. So we partnered with one of the leading short term rental property management companies here in Toronto, and offered a unique, and a first of a kind, end-to-end service that removes all of the hassles from setting up their investment, to be a beautiful, hotel-like, property, in the quickest time to market possible.

The way this service works, we basically get the keys to an empty property and within 2 weeks we completely transform and optimize the property so it will yield as much profit as possible in the short term rental market. A win-win situation for everyone- the investor as well as the property manager.

The results and the service we provided were excellent (apparently), as we started getting more and more projects from repetitive clients and partners, so we had to hire and build an entire team just to be able to handle the increasing demand and scale. 18 months later, we are now at a point where we have a large team of designers, project managers, sales and more that are flawlessly executing our services across several cities in Canada (Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver) as well as in the US (Miami, Los Angeles). And we have expanded from not only providing STR services, we are also designing and architecting large and complex renovation projects.

What inspired you to pursue your profession?

Interior design has ALWAYS been my passion, I remember growing up admiring colors combinations and architecture and designing all of my family and friends’ homes.
We also LOVE traveling, when my husband and we travel we always prefer vacation rental options, as it gives us a great opportunity to better interact with locals, and experience that country's culture. And being engineers, we are constantly applying our technical skills to every part of our life (my husband founded and worked for several start-ups throughout his career). So we've always wanted to find a way to combine both of our passions and skills, and build a business for interior design, inspired by travel, that highly leverages technology to automate and improve interior design projects to be more efficient and affordable to clients.

Where do you see yourself in the near future?

We want to continue providing quality service to our customers and establish ourselves as the go-to interior design company in Canada.
Our goal is to dominate the short term rental design space and become the leading design company in Canada within 3 years.
We’re also planning on expanding to new verticals with our smart home solution “Stylishome Automation” that offers different security and monitoring solutions for our investor clients.


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