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Stylishome @ Business Talk Radio

Listen to our CEO and Founder Reut Maimon telling the Stylishome story on  B usinessTalk Radio Please give a description of your company and the products/services you offer Stylishome is an interior design and architecture firm located in Toronto, Canada. We specialize in designing bold and characterful interiors for residential homes as well as homestays/vacation rentals. We have over 140 projects under our belt, just over the last 2 years. Our projects vary - can be as small as upgrading the design of an existing room or as big as complex renovation projects for example - gutting an entire building. Inspired by travel and Ignited by forward-thinking approach, we provide gorgeous designs, transparent process, and flawless execution. What makes us stand out is the fact that we heavily rely on technology and automation, so we optimize every step of our process which enables us to stay lean and agile and provide our clients the best possible value for their money. Tell us ab
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How to maximize your income on Airbnb

How to maximize your income on Airbnb How do you max out your earning power on Airbnb? It can be really lucrative if it is managed well and to its best potential, but that’s provided all aspects of the hosting business are covered. In today’s demanding hospitality market, the bar has been raised and guests expect Airbnb properties to be top notch, with speedy and efficient customer service, just like a hotel. It’s not just a case of answering a few emails, it’s a business. Running an Airbnb listing, or listings, can be a full-time job; the queries, the cleaning, the marketing, the pricing. That’s why people often do it for an occupation, and the successful ones have the income to match. So how do you get the most revenue from it? Flexible pricing A straightforward way to earn more money on Airbnb is to adjust the rates accordingly at weekends, and throughout the high and low season. The key is not to short change yourself when working out rates but to be in-line wit